Fräulein Hübsch SoftTai baby carrier Lorelei greyblue - babysize

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Fräulein Hübsch SoftTai baby carrier Lorelei greyblue - babysize
Fräulein Hübsch Mei Tais are as individual as your child in function and design. By means of Velcro infinitely adjustable dock, an extendable back panel, two side and two central tucks the child is sitting in the Fräulein Hübsch Mei Tai from birth in an optimal squat pose which is otherwise only be achieved in a well -bound sling.
The Mei Tai offers many benefits of a sling, but is much simpler and faster to use . With a Mei Tai can be worn in front of the abdomen and on the back. A Mei Tai is designed as a long-term carrying aid and fits both large and small carriers. Another advantage is the small pack size and light weight of the Mei Tais .
Features / Benefits :
  • Fits from birth to Gr. 86
  • With a Velcro closure , the web can be infinitely adjusted in width and length
  • Grows with and fits therefore always accurate
  • The headrest is adjustable and adapt to the baby / child
  • When sleeping child's head is supported by the head restraint
  • The headrest of decorative fabric is a guaranteed eye- catcher
  • Waist belt with buckle for a quick application of
  • Can be worn in front of the abdomen, on the hip and back
  • The back is made ​​of sling fabric, the support of high-quality twill
  • The headrest is stitched from designer fabrics
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Supplied with a fabric pouch and detailed and illustrated carrying instructions
  • The Mei Tais by Fräulein Hübsch are usually available only in single copies or small quantities.
Carrier material: 100% organic cotton ( certified organic )
Back: 100% organic cotton ( certified organic )
Decorative fabric headrest : 100% Cotton
Padding ( shoulder and hip straps ) : polyurethane ( foam )
Washing: 30 degrees, no tumble
A sophisticated system makes the Fräulein Hübsch Mei Tais an ever-growing baby carrier, which is available in two sizes:
Baby size fits from birth (size 50/56 ) to about size 86, the back part is made entirely of sling fabric, the headrest from furnishing fabric . The shoulder straps are padded with foam to offer the wearer a comfortable fit .
Toddlersize fits from size 74/80 up to size 98, here is the back made of two layers of sling fabric. The shoulder straps are also padded with foam for a better fit.
Gladly we advise you to find the best for you and your child baby carrier (eg woven or elastic sling , ring sling , Manduca , Marsupi or Bondolino ) .
We look forward to seeing you in our baby shop in Bonn -Oberkassel to introduce you to the different models . Here you also have the opportunity to rent out the different baby carriers at home to try this before buying.
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