The company GRIMM'S GmbH, Spiel and Holz Design has developed from the former company Spiel und Holz Design, Engstingen/Germany through a change in ownership in August 2005. The former roots go back to 1978. GRIMM'S designs, manufactures and sells worldwide wooden toys. Woodworking is outsourced to some external, independent shops. In-house we do design, oiling, dying, quality insurance packing and shipping.

Our intend is to develop long-lasting toys, whose simple and reduced shape together with its beautiful colouring and inviting surface feel can be used for all ages - Products that want to be touched, again and again and which communicate our credo: Joy through colour!

What is our intention?

    * help children discover and develop their own creativity through simple and reduced shapes -leave room for independent arrangements.

    * create pedagogical valuable toys for kids. Base here is the Waldorf education, whose aspects we try to integrate where possible.

    * In parallel, Montessori education becomes more and more important for our design.

    * Support sensory perception in many different ways

    * create beautiful and decorative designs of wooden products for celebrating annual rituals and holidays.

    * invite adults to get away from it all by offering a possibility to break through the ordinary logical, linear thinking.

    * offer devices to support motor function in occupational therapy and logaoedics

    * bring colour into therapy.

 Wood as a material

We use mainly alder, lime, maple and cherry wood. Wood is natural and regenerative and stimulates the senses. It has texture, it is sometimes light, sometimes dark, it is hard or it is soft. It is rough or smooth and smells good. It sounds different, it is heavy or it is light. It has its own temperature. Bacteria cannot reproduce on wood. If it breaks, it can easily be fixed and it is recyclable. This all is not true for plastic or metal. Most of the products are grinded by hand - that gives a more charming expression compared to machined products.

Colors and oils

All used dyes are water based and in accordance with EN 71 harmless to your health and suitable for children toys. The same is true for the natural oil used.


Many of our products have been recommended by „ Spiel gut“(good toy guide). See references in catalogue.




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