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Lotties makes it simple for you to act responsibly – both for your child and for nature. For many years we have been using cotton from controlled biological cultivation which is then crafted to manufacture natural clothing without any chemical finish.

Our baby and children's clothes are not only kind to your child's skin, but are also tough, long-lasting and have a beautiful appearance. Every single piece of our collection reflects responsibility. Why not take a look and make your own decision.

Quality guidelines

Baby clothing from responsible manufacturers is described using fixed terms with which the quality, skin kindness and environmental friendliness of the product are precisely defined. We would like to mention the most important ones so that you can make the right decision the next time you decide to buy.

Certified organic cotton

You will hardly find anything purer than this: the cotton which we use for certified products comes solely from controlled organic cultivation. Chemical finishes and dyes are categorically rejected; neither herbicides nor pesticides are used up to the point when the cotton (only the ripe seed heads) is gently picked by hand. These articles are particularly recommended for sensitive, soft baby skin and children with allergies. Each individual bale of this natural product is individually certified and the growing area is regularly checked to ensure that it complies with the controlled organic cultivation guidelines.

    * It is processed in accordance with the guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textiles.
    * It meets the requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
    * Certification through the International Association of Natural Textile certification offices, Control Union, IMO Control in Switzerland

Quality and ecology

As a company in the environmental sector, we accept a great deal of responsibility for providing high quality, natural products and helping uphold a good social framework.

We place importance on the following:

Certified basic materials

Processing of cotton from controlled organic cultivation - the raw materials are certified and carry a proof of origin.

Dermatological criteria

Raw materials are chosen while taking into consideration their composition and components.

Voluntary examinations

At leading institutes. For example, the nappies are examined at the Textile Research Institute of Hohenstein.

Neutral test results

From the magazine "Öko-Test", for example. An evaluation of "very good" confirms the natural quality of our products.

Professional expertise

Proof of this is provided by patents and the legal protection of registered designs. For example, for the nappies or sleeping bags.

Collaboration with aid workshops

To sustain and expand jobs in the region.

Social compensation

Fair payment of the production employees who work with our co-operation partners.

Material biodegradability

Used of recycled paper and omission of unnecessary packaging material.


The Lotties success story began in 1989 with the sale of cotton nappy systems, breastfeeding and nappy-changing accessories.

With the shortest period of time, midwives and distributors were enthusiastic about the good quality and easy handling. The original advertisement sheet became an extensive catalogue with ecological products especially for babies, small children and for parents who place great importance on the health of their children.

By collaborating with dermatological clinics, the effects of synthetic fibres, chemical textile finishes and washing detergents on baby's skin was detected (see the study from Prof. Dr. med. Cremer, 4/1994 issue of the "Der Kinderarzt" magazine.) A series of natural baby and children's clothing was developed, one which has since been recommended by many dermatologists and paediatricians.

Over the course of time, the range was continually extended to include many other products from the realms of clothing, sleeping, carrying, breastfeeding, nappy changing, practical accessories, care and washing.

Through the years, distribution was also expanded from Germany to the whole of Europe through participation in international trade exhibitions.

Lotties products can also be found in many maternity clinics. The sleeping bags in particular are a very popular product and a reliable companion for the first few days of life on numerous maternity wards.

Until today, and also for the future, Lotties has made it its goal to supply natural articles while taking into account the company's basic policy.



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