Popolini chooses to use responsible and natural materials.

Why organic cotton?

Cotton is made of the fibers of the cotton plant. This plant, which is cultivated in (sub)tropical regions, needs a lot of water and is sensitive to insect-pests. Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Only biological controls and natural fertilizers are allowed for the production of organic cotton. In addition, organic farmers make use of the advantages of bio-diversity in order to keep the soil fertile.

For reasons of health

We don't want to expose children to toxic chemicals and pesticides, that's why we choose to use organic cotton. In addition, organic cotton cultivation protects the health of the farmers involved and protects the environment.

To protect the environment

If no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are used, no harm will be done to the environment and surface waters. This is a major improvement for the mainly poor countries where cotton is cultivated.



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